Teeth Whitening

The dental procedure of teeth whitening is very popular because everyone wants their teeth to be as white as possible. Celebrities, movie stars, and those in the news or on television has shiny white teeth. Most adult teeth are not pure white, but they can be brighter through either bleaching or whitening. Drinking tea, coffee, wine, and other liquids that may leave stains on the teeth, so whitening needs to be redone or touched up regularly. Teeth whitening is very popular for anyone who wants to look their best. This is especially important when the person’s career involves sales, marketing, or working in front of groups. Most people say that they have more confidence when their teeth are white, and this is an added bonus to the procedure.

teeth-whiteningThere are various treatments that are able to whiten teeth, including laser, strips, bleaches, and treatments by dentists. Some men and women choose to try strips that can be purchased at a local grocery or drug store. These over-the-counter whitening kits do whiten the teeth in most cases. They may be in the form of whitening toothpastes, peroxide teeth whitening bleaching trays, or paint-on teeth whitening. Toothpastes often contain mildly abrasive particles that take debris off of the surface of the teeth so that they appear whiter. If the toothpaste is peroxide-based, a chemical change occurs within a tooth to make it appear brighter. The percentage of peroxide is very low, so the results will be minimal. This is the most economical form of whitening teeth, and costs under $10 for the type of toothpaste that contains some peroxide.

Whitening strips are another over-the-counter method that is more expensive, usually around $50.  The strips are made of a thin plastic that has whitener on one side. They may be worn from eye tooth to eye tooth in the top front and on the bottom teeth so that those that are seen the most get brighter. The strips contain various percentages of peroxide, up to 10 percent. Strips can be quite effective, depending on the color of the teeth before using them. Paint-on whiteners are applied to the teeth in a similar fashion to how fingernails or toenails are painted. The solution hardens slightly and is left on for around 30 minutes for one type of paint-on, while other types are left on overnight. Paint-on whiteners seldom whiten as well as strips. They usually cost around $40.

Over-the-counter whitening trays are sold in kits that have one size bleaching trays that are meant to fit into most people’s mouths. A peroxide solution is placed into the trays, and it is left on the teeth for a certain amount of time. These kits cost approximately $45.  A better and more effective solution is to have a cosmetic dentist make unique bleaching trays for a patient’s mouth that envelope the teeth perfectly. They work in the same way as over-the-counter trays, except that they are specifically designed and made for each person’s mouth. A peroxide solution is placed into the trays to whiten teeth for a set amount of time. A kit from a dentist usually costs around $400.

Whitening at the dentist’s office is the most desirable type of procedure, especially for those who have tried over-the-counter methods with little success. The fastest way to achieve white teeth is by using hydrogen peroxide with concentrations from around nine percent to 40 percent. Power bleach is the most effective bleaching that can whiten teeth up to eight shades lighter. Also, the results may last up to one year. This type of whitening is sometimes called laser whitening because a laser light is directed on the teeth during the procedure. The light activates the peroxide to produce the best effect. The procedure costs around $650.

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